What are some of the advantages to installing a gas hot water system?

– Gas hot water units/systems are environmentally friendly. Natural gas burns much less CO2 to heat the water than electricity. Electric units/systems can burn as much CO2 as an average sized car.- Gas burns very hot and very little heat is wasted making the system very energy efficient- Running costs are less for gas systems than for electric. – Gas systems heat the water up fast. No more waiting around for the water to heat to finish the showers in the evening.



What are the advantages of getting natural gas connection for my home?

The advantages of natural gas are many. – Natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel in existence today- Gas is much cheaper than electricity- You never have to worry about running out of gas for the BBQ or hot water system- Indoor and outdoor heaters can be run off the natural gas mains



What are the advantages of installing a water tank?

Some advantages of water tank are:- They can save you money on water bills- You may be entitled to a government rebate- They are environmentally responsible- Your garden will always be the greenest in the street even during water restrictions- They will reduce your pool costs



What are the benefits of connecting the electric hot water system to off-peak tariff?

– Reduce the amount of electricity you need to heat water- Reduce your energy bills – the sun is free!- Reduce green house gas emissions generated by heating water- Roof mounted panels are aesthetically pleasing. No large tanks taking up space in your yard.- You may be eligible for a Solar Hot Water Rebate



What do I need to consider when installing a hot water system?

Some factors to consider when deciding on a hot water system are:- Running costs- Size- Electric, Gas or Solar- Initial cost- Energy efficiency- Where the system is to be installed